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Managed Hosting

Cloud, co-location or hybrid, whether you're after hosting hardware, VMs, applications, or Cloud apps, we've got all the bases covered.

What we cover?

Here at Skynet we offer a full portfolio of Managed Hosting services, covering the full span of options including:

What makes us different is the help we provide for our clients, we can plan and design a solution for you, installation or migration, project management, and ongoing IT support. We can work together to achieve your projects.

Who will benefit from Managed Hosting?

Any sized business
Our clients range from small to large, local to international, so size is no barrier. One of the great things about hosting is that most of it is geographically remote-gaining advantage from it doesn't depend on where you are.

Tech or non tech
Hosting is undoubtedly a technical subject. We are happy to supplement the resources of your own technical team, but we're also more than happy to help where you don't have any techies, but recognise an opportunity here for your organisation.

Greener IT
Lastly, hosted options may appeal if you care for the environment as we do. The systems used are usually extremely efficient and have a low carbon foot-print.

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